Extra-Strong Silver Brazing Alloy with Cadmium, 1/2″ W x 0.005″ Thick – 6.5 Ft


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Product Description

Extra-Strong Silver – For ferrous and nonferrous metals. Meets Fed. Spec. QQB-654A and AWS specifications. Brazing is a metal-joining process, using a filler metal in place of standard solder. Brazing makes bonds that are stronger than a solder on materials that welding would melt. These brazing alloys join most metals and alloys except aluminum and magnesium. Perfect for fastening tips to tools. Composition Percentage: Ag: 50 Cu: 15.5 Zn: 16.5 Cd: 18 Note: Ag = Silver, Cu = Copper, Zn = Zinc, Cd = Cadmium, and Ni = Nickel Melting Temperature: 1160° – 1175° F Width: 1/2″ Thickness: 0.005″ Length: 6.5 Ft Weight: 1 Troy-oz. Additional Information: Prices may fluctuate with the cost of silver.


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